The 44th Armstrong Street Scene Power Hour Podcast is live

Check out the latest edition of Armstrong’s Street Scene Power Hour — which features 2 Wheel Power Hour host Larry Ward. This show’s guests include John Kufleitner and 2 Wheel Power Hour Cast of Characters member Al “The Gadget Guy” Navecky. Download the podcast or check it out on the iHeart app or Pandora.

The Asphalt Angel’s Moto Friends

Most of my family and non-motorcycling friends hear me talk (endlessly) about riding and wrenching on bikes, but something I don’t think I’ve been able to adequately communicate is the social aspect of the motorcycling lifestyle. 

It’s time that I close that void and canonize the friends I’ve made through riding and the great times I’ve had with them.

The Asphalt Angel’s “Add Clothes and Go” Packing Method

For my first several motorcycle tours, packing for the trip was an event unto itself. When I began doing overnight motorcycle trips regularly, I developed a method to simplify the packing process that saves time and reduces pre-trip stress. As I was developing the method, I nicknamed it, “Add Clothes and Go,” because attire isContinue reading “The Asphalt Angel’s “Add Clothes and Go” Packing Method”