Mines and Meadows

Story by Larry Ward

My tag-team partner, Roy Dyckman, and I have been itching to see what our new-to-us ATVs are capable of.

After a introductory outing with our four-wheel adventure machines at Allegheny National Forest, Roy and I decided to try out the Mines and Meadows ATV Resort in Wampum, Pa.

Located less than an hour from the Youngstown metro — and not far from the MotoAmerica venue Pittsburgh International Race Complex — the resort features a variety of trails on about 78 acres of land.

After the short drive from Canfield, Ohio, Roy and I quickly got our four-wheelers off the trailer in the spacious parking lot and got right down to riding. We decided to try the “Yellow Route,” which didn’t look too technical.

Unfortunately, trouble found us early in the ride. About 10 minutes into the ride, Roy high-sided his ATV in a terribly muddy area. Roy was fine after the crash, and the situation ended up being an opportunity for me to give my new winch a try. It worked like a charm.

The trails at Mines and Meadows seemed to be more technical that what we’d ridden in Allegheny National Forest. Parts of the route were pretty steep or rutted out with a few rocky downhill sections. Other sections were very muddy, but the experience helped me hone my ATV skills — such as how to stay out of trouble.

The Yellow Trail acts as the backbone of the trail system, with more technical sections branching off from it. It makes navigating the trail system a piece of cake — though it can take a while to get back to the trail head.

After a couple hours on the Yellow Trail, we arrived back at the staging area and made our way to the resort’s main store. Chock full of a wide range of off-road riding gear, the store also has cold drinks and snacks for famished off-road riding enthusiasts.

The staff at Mines and Meadows was courteous and very knowledgeable. I learned you can rent an side-by-side too — something I may have to try on my next visit to the resort to see if I like it more than an ATV.

Mines and Meadows is a top-flight off-road riding facility that won’t break the bank. For about $25, you can enjoy a full day of trail riding fun. It’s such a low price for being able to feel like a kid again with your buddies. Give it a try!

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