Larry and Roy’s Ride to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Story by Larry Ward

As Roy Dyckman and I packed up our bikes Sunday morning at last weekend’s MSTA Mail Pouch Fly-By Rally, we took our time because temperatures were already in the 80s by 10am and the humidity was stifling. Roy mentioned that we weren’t too far away from the American Motorcyclist Associations campus in Pickerington, Ohio, and that he’d like to swing by and check out an item he donated to the museum well over a year ago — a pin vest. And not just any pin vest, but one that is adorned front and back was with pins from nearly every state.

Because of some issues with my bike’s clutch, we decided to take the quickest route, which was Interstate 77 north to Interstate 70 west to Pickerington. When entering the campus of the AMA, you get a terrific feeling of oneness with all motorcyclists. Entering the museum, Roy and I were greeted by an enthusiastic museum employee who answered our many questions. We haven’t been there in at least 10 years.

I’m a fan of road racing and flat track racing. so I headed to that section first, spying the exhibit for Scott Russell exhibit — a master at Daytona. Cal Rayborn and Chris Carr also have bikes they rode on display there.

On the dirt side, there are artifacts for John Penton, Malcom Smith and Don Emde, and there’s even a section for female riders like stunt women and trials champion Debbie Evans.

There are also some neat exhibits that feature just one brand, like the BMWs or the “around the world” HD Superglide driven by Dave Barr.

If you’re an AMA member, you get in free. If not its a nominal cost of about $8 and you literally could spend hours there.

Speaking of the AMA, please consider joining. There’s strength in numbers and we need every motorcyclist to join forces and stand with the AMA to oppose legislation that is counter-productive to motorcycling. To find out about member benefits, call 1-800-AMA-JOIN or visit

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